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Two Ears are Better than One

Bilateral implantation is cochlear implantation in both ears. Hearing with two ears, also called binaural hearing, has distinct advantages such as improved speech understanding in noise, better speech recognition and sound localization*.

In general, it can be said that “stereo” hearing (with two ears) is less strenuous than “mono” hearing (with one ear). The age of implantation in adults appears to have no bearing on the performance of the cochlear implant meaning that older adults can also obtain the same benefits as younger implanted adults.

If you are considering bilateral implantation, experts at the hearLIFE Clinic will be able to help you establish appropriate expectations based on history and experience with a previous implant.

* Laske R.D., et al., 2009. Subjective and Objective results after bilateral cochlear implantation in adults. Otol Neurotol. Vol. 30. pp.313-318
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