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Safety and Reliability

Feel safe and secure

Your needs are at the forefront of the hearLIFE Clinic. We understand that deciding whether to have an implant can be a difficult decision. Knowing that you are in good hands is of paramount importance. At the hearLIFE Clinic, we believe that the support we give to our patients, the reliability of the products and the safety of the devices all contribute to making you feel safe and secure. Our healthcare professionals are required to meet international standards which are available for download here:

Patient Care

The start of your implant journey begins the moment you choose a hearing implant solution for yourself or someone you care about. Following surgery, learning to use a cochlear implant requires readiness, motivation and realistic goals. The highly-trained and multi-disciplinary team at the hearLIFE Clinic is there to guide you long after the implantation, offering a wide variety of materials to support you along your hearing journey. The hearLIFE Clinic uses materials from the BRIDGE program. You can also improve your listening skills through the interactive activities on SoundScape.

Made with quality to be reliable

Choosing to have a Hearing Implant is a long-term commitment for you and the clinic. That is why the hearLIFE Clinic is working with some of the most reliable hearing implant systems in the market

Safety through technology

The IRIS implant identification feature prevents stimulation of the implant from occurring if the incorrect audio processor is worn. This is particularly important for individuals with bilateral implants and for children in school and group situations where numerous children are using implants.

SoundGuard is a safety feature of the audio processor that self-monitors all programmed data continuously to protect against inconsistencies, for example as a result of static electricity. If a problem is detected, SoundGuard automatically stops stimulation, and the Status Light flashes.

By turning the processor off and on, all map information is restored, and no further action is required by the user.


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