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See how a middle ear implant works: Middle Ear Implant


Middle Ear Implants

Device for sensorineural,
conductive or mixed hearing loss

Middle ear implants were created as an implantable alternative to hearing aids. Unlike a hearing aid which only makes sounds louder, the middle ear implant converts sounds from the environment into mechanical vibrations. This physical energy is used to stimulate middle ear structures for exceptional high frequency sound perception.

Today, a middle ear implant is the solution of choice for individuals who cannot use conventional hearing aids or who are dissatisfied with them and do not achieve sufficient benefit. The special design of the middle ear implant makes it both a reliable and versatile device that can be used to compensate different types and degrees of hearing loss to an optimal extent. The middle ear implant is an alternative to acoustic hearing devices or bone conduction devices.

A middle ear implant system is a semi-implantable hearing system, in which the implant is positioned completely under the skin. The implant receives the signals from an external audio processor, which is worn comfortably under the hair. The external audio processors come in a variety of different colors.

The Middle Ear Implant System

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