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“Life is better now - just to be part of the hearing world again is a blessing.”

Approximately 3 years ago I lost my hearing and went completely deaf. I found myself in a deaf world and God knows I didn't know how to live and make it in a deaf world after being and living in a hearing world for 31 years. I was living but, I didn't feel alive.

Financially I have had my fair share of struggles because it now seemed impossible to find a job that would be accepting of a deaf individual. Due to all the frustrations of not being able to hear and carry out a decent conversation with people around me or in my presence I decided to somewhat disconnect myself from the hearing world. My greatest difficulty was accepting that I am now deaf. I used to be an outgoing person and enjoying every pleasure of life when I had my hearing but when I became deaf nothing much seemed enjoyable in my life.

I never stopped praying and hoping for a miracle. Now I can truly say indeed I got my miracle. I am now able to hear with the use of a device connected in my head that enables it to carry signal to my brain to make it possible for me to hear and be part of the hearing world again. I feel much alive now and happy to reconnect with the world again. I don't have to rely much on signs and reading lips any more. I can have conversations and communicate easier now that I can hear. I don't have to feel afraid and shy away any more. I feel confident now with my cochlear implant (CI) device to talk and listen to people and hear what I was missing most of which are voices and music.

I share my story now as I am so thankful and grateful for life more than ever. Special thank you to God, Dr. Kim Scriven who is my angel who made it all possible to help me hear again. I thank Dr. Brian McKinnon, my surgeon from abroad, all of hearLIFE team and board of Doctor's Hospital and staff who were so kind and caring for me during my surgery and stay in the hospital. I also wish to thank my family and the friends that were supportive and helped me through my situation.

Suzanne Stewart (Head of Audiology, hearLIFE Clinic Toronto), Wesley P., Dr. Kim Scriven (Head of Audiology, hearLIFE Clinic Nassau)
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